Spokane County Homes For Sale

Super Living in Urban Based City

Spokane is such a wonderful place to live. Spokane affords anyone the ability to choose the type of living environment that closely matches their personalities and hobbies. Whether you dream of condo living in a posh downtown urban scenario or  a development where you and your neighbors are on first name basis, or if you require space and acreage but want a quick commute to town. Spokane has it all.

When I think of Spokane I think of the area in terms of sub categories, just like any mid to large city you have developed neighborhoods and you tend to live, work, play etc within those defined areas. I find that my clients who live on the south hill of Spokane tend to shop south, hang out at local south hill parks, eateries, etc. North Spokanites tend to concentrate their living in exactly the same way. This is due largely to how spread out our city is. Let me tell you about a few of our areas:

The South Hill of Spokane was the original beginning of large manor houses back in the late 1800- to early 1900’s as silver was being extracted and making large fortunes of mining companies in the Idaho areas. Most of the owners of the mines opted to live in Spokane for various reasons and it is here that you will find the majority of large older homes from the Victorian era and interestingly as you go higher up the hill the newer the housing becomes until you crest over the back side of the hill into a new area of farm country called the Palouse.

The Kendall Yards or North west areas of Spokane are historically know as the working class neighborhoods and they formed collective groups of homes from early 1900’s and transition north into current era. So you see a nice mix of moderate Victorians, cottages, bungalows, ranchers, split levels etc. as you transition. The Shadle and Audubon areas are homes from during and after world war II. It’s amazing to drive through and see how homes started out big, transitioned to small, and then ebbed into mid size, and now homes are much bigger again. (unless you like a tiny house) Heading east we see little communities that were engulfed or added to the growth of Spokane, such a place is called Hillyard and it is located in the north east region where currently our department of transportation is erecting a north south freeway. This little area used to be a main rail hub and eventually became bypassed as progress and roads and alternative routes formed. However this is still home to a large portion of our north Spokane sector. Then of course we start heading east and that takes us closer to Spokane Valley which is a whole other section. Some of the best ways to fully understand Spokane is talking. Talk to a Realtor, the Chamber of Commerce, or drive through our neighborhoods.

Parks and recreation

Near Nature Every Season

One of the top 10 reasons people move to Spokane is that it offers all four season and every one of those seasons allows a person to be active outdoors. Whether you prefer fun in the sun or cool powdery downhill slopes, Spokane offers something for everyone. Our many surrounding area lakes offer boating, swimming, fishing. We have gorgeous parks throughout Spokane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFNea7QTX9I Riverfront park is a hub for families and a great attraction to take friends and family. Mount Spokane and Schweitzer, 40 degrees North are a few of our area ski slopes. In all seasons, head out to Green Bluff and enjoy picking your own fruits and vegetable’s from a local growers.  Blueberries and Strawberries in the late spring early summer are quite a treat. Late Summer offers pears, peaches, cherries, and so many other options. The fall is a festival of fun with the growers harvest festivals etc. Hay rides, pumpkin patches, fresh cider and ripe apples. http://greenbluffgrowers.com/

Versatility Reigns True in Spokane

One of the other great features Spokane offers is versatility. No matter what your flavor or flair it can be found in Spokane. I am constantly surprised by the arts and culture scene of such a big/little city. Our local Fox Theatre headlines so many great acts and is a wonderful site to behold. http://www.foxtheaterspokane.com/

The INB Performing Arts Center is perfect for large Broadway Plays, huge shows like Antique Roadshow, Comic and Sci Fi Shows, Ballet Productions, and host to many conventions in the Pacific North West. http://www.inbpac.com/about.php

But maybe you like a little more laid back scene, try one of our many restaurants from French to Greek even a great Ceviche restaurant! We have craft brew festivals, wineries, lilac parade, huge fourth of July fireworks, our New Years Eve celebrations, A local Symphony, Plays, Potters, Museums and nearly every possibility that you can imagine.